The New 98 on the Black

I just noticed that my last post was on the Red Sox hiring of Bobby Valentine. Now after all of 14 games a vocal and clueless section of the fan base is already calling for his head. When I started this blog I stated that I would update it at least twice a week. That pace slowly ground to a halt and the only writing I have managed is my weekly contribution to Aston Villa Life.

sportAdmittedly striking a work/life balance is not one of my strong suits. This came to the forefront recently when I was having bouts of fatigue. I was falling asleep at my desk at the office and feeling like a complete zombie at my second job trying to sell electronics. It turns out I was Vitamin D deficient. Considering that I was spending almost every daylight hour working seven days a week this was little suprise. Luckily this is a very minor condition and a prescription was all I needed to feel like myself again. Still I took it as a sign.

As time went on I devoted less and less of what little free time I had to writing for this site. I started this as an outlet for my own writing. For me a one man operation that was a drag on my already limited free time just wasn’t working. I realized for this to be what I wanted it to be I needed help, I needed other writers.

I asked around on social media and one friend got back to me that he would like to contribute. However baseball wasn’t his thing, he wanted to write about other sports. I thought about how I could synergise what I wanted to do here with coverage of other sports and that’s when it hit me, “Sports on the Edge!”

98 on the Black was originally the name of a league championship fantasy baseball team of mine. It referred to a 98 MPH fastball right over the black of the plate, on the edge. By sports on the edge this site will be a forum for the contributors to express their opinions. There will be no holding back here. Instead of just baseball, or just the major North American sports we will do anything and everything as long as it’s opinionated and not libelous or abusive.

Personally I still anticipate doing mainly baseball. In the past I thought of my posts more as columns than blog posts. Going forward I may well do more shorter, blog style updates. If you follow my twitter it would be along the lines of my twitter rants, but hopefully more coherent.

This also explains the change in the site layout. I am sure there will be kinks along the way and that I will continually be tinkering with it. When it comes to WordPress, Social Media, and technology in general I know enough to be dangerous but am hardly an expert. We’ll roll with it and who knows what the future holds.

If you are interested in contributing contact me.